Rise of the Runelords -- Pathfinder Sunday Night Game

Thistletop Preparation Go! -- Session recap for 9/9/2012

Thistletop Preparations Go!

So, a recap of last week;

After Gringo had cut the bridge leading from the mainland to Thistletop, and dealing with several goblins who had noticed Gringo, the party returned back to town to supply up for the assault. The party decided that a diversion on the mainland would work as a distraction to allow for undetected infiltration of Thistletop, and so Reginald created a very, VERY large firebomb to be used to set fire to the thistles south of Thistletop. The bomb was set off, and the party grabbed a boat and started to paddle out to the island. Along the way, they were accosted by a bunyip, however, a hail of bullets and bombs sent the creature down under before any damage could be done. The party reached the north side of the island, and climbed up (with some intelligent use of engineering principles) the north side of the island.



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